Live at dublab Radio

Margaritas Podridas — dublab's 21st anniversary (10.03.20)

Episode Summary

For dublab’s 21st anniversary celebration, Sonoran band Margaritas Podridas recorded this live session in the studio Onda Sonora, in Hermosillo, Mexico. It was prepared in a very d.i.y format with cloth from their local fabric store and some help from their friends. The band also included a little sneakpeak from their upcoming album. Margaritas Podridas (Rotten Daisies) from Sonora, México, is an alternative rock band influenced by the grunge and noise music movement of the 90’s that emerged in 2015. The band was first started by Carolina Enriquez, the lead singer and bass player, and Sofia Leon, the former guitarist of the band. Rafael Armenta, the drummer, joined the band in 2016, and after a few rehearsals, Esli Meuly also integrated the group adding a second guitar to the band. After Sofia left the project, Alfonso Lopez entered the band as a guitarist, and in july 2018 the two couples recorded and released their debut album named “Porcelain Mannequin” which is available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Youtube, Deezer, etc. The band recorded their upcoming album in January 2020 and it is coming out at the end of the year. They have already released two singles: “Wow” and “Pétalos Mordidos” which are also available on all of their digital platforms.